Our Services

  • Energy saving Lights/lighting: Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), light emitting diode (LED) and Solar panels(renewable energy) 
  • Office equipment :- computers: laptops, keyboards, mouse, ink cartridges, scanners, copiers, printers, projectors, screens
  • Telecommunications equipment : fax machines, modems, mobiles phones, telephones, headsets, cables
  • Confidential Paper Shredding: shredded office paper, old newspapers, cards box records due to destruction(copies of duplicates letters or memorandum, terminated files, old tender documents, personal files and old applications forms)

Vemoni Recycling & Trading ( PTY) LTD is founded 2013 with the dream of creating a greener electronics future to comply with recycling, refurbishment and dispose end of life of computers (ICT) and CFLs/LED mercury lamps and confidential paper shredding in an environmentally sustainable manner with ZERO Landfill Policy the company located in Kimberley. We offer Climate Change, Electronic Waste Management & Cleaning services to household, businesses, municipalities, organizations, institutions and manufactures with a full range according to specific needs across the Northern Cape. Our focus on Environmental Responsibility, Customer Service, and Affordability is what sets us apart from other computer, paper and electronics recycling companies. We have also witnessed an increase in the number of government policies with respect to e- waste , paper and solid waste management. National Archives and Records Service Act of South Africa No 43 of 1996 & waste management act.


Our bulb-eater lamp crush machine deals with all types of commonly used lamps consisting of all shapes and sizes e.g. straight fluorescent, u-tube, HID, sodium, compact fluorescent bulb(cfl). Our lamp recycling technology making us a leader in our respective industry, as it will process all cfl and energy saving lamps without the need for sorting. This is the best solution for the environment. One cfl tube contains enough mercury to pollute 30000 liters of water. The primary advantage of recycling is diversion of mercury from landfill sites. Lets do the right thing and dispose our energy saving lamps in an environmentally friendly manner or call us we will do it for you or alternatively advise you other environmentally friendly disposal options. 

"climate change is about justice. The world's most vulnerable people, the ones that did the least to cause climate change, are the ones that continue to feel its impacts first and worst."

What we Remove, Replace and Recycle ...

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Other Services

Other services include Maintance, Refurbishment and Disposal:

  • Replacing broken parts of hardware.
  • Fixing glitches in software.
  • Upgrading components, such as adding a larger hard drive or more RAM, to help a computer work at a higher level.
  • Recovering data. Even if the computer itself cannot be repaired,  retrieve data from a broken or failing hard drive.